Wednesday, August 12, 2015

dssallie redux

Hello dear readers,

dssallie approached me yesterday and asked if we might renew our cyber pas de deux?

We parted sometime ago because she failed three times in answering truthfully one single question. 

I am conflicted by her request so I'll pose the question to you and ask your opinion by asking you to vote.  You may also share your opinion and ask any questions as well.

The polls are open.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dss bows her head-tears slowly running down her cheeks.  “Save the crocodiles tears sallie. Soon you’ll have real reasons to cry,”
I bring out my newest gear bag.  “I’ve gotten some special items dss- specifically gathered with you in mind. Lemme see what we have here.”
dss’ eyes lock on my hands as they disappear into the bag.  “Oh look-sterile needles!” Her shoulders sag. “No dss-not tonight-no needle play-I have other plans for you this evening.”

 In quick order I with draw a multi channel Tens unit-electrode wires-an insert able butt plug electrode-an insert able G spot electrode-eroscillator-battery operated tooth brush-dental floss-rubber bands-clover leaf clamps-tape-a two quart bottle of viscous yellowish liquid, a catheter and a large piece of circular purple plastic.

“Eyes up cunt!” Silently I exhibit each item to her-eyes widening at the Tens. “The Tens can be an insidious device-with fresh batteries it can mildly tickle or immediately cripple you with pain.  Tonight we’ll skip the pain.”
I grasp the belt, drag her to her feet and lead her into the bathroom. I bind her wrists to the shower head. I slide a heavy rubber band high onto to each thigh. With the clover leaf clamps attached to each of her labia and held in place by the bands, her clit is both engorged and fully exposed.  I take control of her clit with forceps, quickly tie it off with dental floss as it swells and glistens with her lubrication. I plunge three fingers into her cunt and marvel at her wetness. The room is redolent with the smell of her sex as I smear her lips and nostrils with her cunt juice on my fingers.

“The insert able electrodes contain flanges dss. Once inserted, they’re self-retaining. The Tens has multiple controls-not just intensity but also sine-wave length and amplitude.  I am going to keep the intensity below the pain level but will set sine and wave length to induce involuntary muscle contractions.  You will literally be fucking yourself. It’ll be a hoot to watch and record.  With a little luck, the recording will go viral on the internet.”

I insert the anal plug in her cunt first to lube it. Without hesitation I plunge it into her anus as she moans. I follow with the g spot insert able. I whisper in her ear: “You’ll suck them clean when we’re through here.”  I attach the electrodes and tell her “We’re good to go as far as the electrodes go-but I have so much more in mind for you tonight.”

Monday, May 19, 2014


The room has several cameras in it. Each recording from a different angle. You are sitting in a chair, fully clothed. I am nude laying on the floor in front of you. The only man made thing I have on is the belt that is around my neck. You are holding the free end. 

Looking down at me you tell me to spread my legs wider and instruct me to start playing with my pussy. You ask if Charles, my husband, makes me do this. I tell you he doesn't. "Ah that's right, you are only a slut for other men. Isn't that right?". I tell you, you are right. As the questions continue about my marriage and my sexuality you tell me to use my other hand on my tits and nipples. As I do I find it increasingly hard to breath as you tighten the loop around my neck.

As ask me if I know the videos from these cameras will be posted on your blog for all to see, including my husband if he would take the time to investigate. Again I tell you I understand that. You ask me my age, "58" I reply. You comment on my rolls of skin around my waist, my flabby arms, sagging tits, and double chin.  You ask if i think I think men come to your blog to see me. I say that I think they do. You laugh and inform me they don't. "They come to see cunts abused. You are nothing but a cunt. Now come for me."

As my fingers bring me closer and closer to my orgasm my eyes begin to roll back and the last thing I am aware of before passing out is your comment about marks being left on my neck.


You're motionless momentarily and then begin to flop about like a hooked trout in the bottom of a boat. Your vagus nerve kicks in as you gasp for air. You look up at me, totally disoriented and then tears well up in your eyes-your lips moving but not forming words. 

"What's the matter cunt? You can't even orgasm correctly! .Tell me dss, does your husband make you climax or do you fake your orgasms to make him think he's the adequate lover that he isn't?" I chuckle and then go on: "What do you think about when you masturbate? Wait...let me think. Total degradation.  Being gang fucked in all you holes, over and over until the cum flows out of your cunt and ass and drips from your nostrils? Or maybe you dream of being a toilet slave?"

I rise from the chair and go to the video monitor. "Watch your self cunt. See how your eyes close as you masturbate? I'm recording all of this dss. Even a crack whore in a sex tape knows enough to maintain eye contact with the camera as she sucks cock. It is called POV. When your husband watches this, I want him to stare into your eyes on the screen as the tears run down his cheeks from your betrayal."

"You know dss, you live in fear.  You're afraid your husband will find out about your secrets. Fearful that he'll know he's a cuckold. Afraid that he'll know while your blowing him you're thinking about me. You're even afraid of being unable to handle even the modicum of pain I might administer. You're terrified he'll see this tape." 

Friday, February 21, 2014

From A New Admirer...

I was clothed in a navy blue suit. It looked like it had been tailored to fit me. He was a little older than I was, which made a perfect authority figure. I finally looked up into his marble green eyes after a few moments. He looked back down at me, mirroring my own interest. I was flattered and blushed a little.He did not speak, just ushered me into the lavish suite. I entered demurely. He walked over to the table and opened a bottle of champagne. “Welcome. I am glad you came,” he said, pouring two glasses of the effervescent liquid. “My pleasure, um, what should I call you?” He smiled slowly. “Well, you know my name, but you will call me Sir.”“Yes Sir,” I replied meekly. I noticed that Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was playing in the background. I tried to recall if I had told him that it was one of my favorites as I sipped from the elegant glass. He looked at me again, and I felt as though he could see my soul. His eyes narrowed. “Strip,” he commanded. I put down the glass and started to remove my shoes. He watched as I took them off slowly. I felt subconscious and shy. “Move with haste. I expect you to obey quickly.”“Yes Sir,” I said, quickly removing each garment. I felt my skin tingle in the cool air as I stood there naked. He moved closer to me, sometimes lifting an arm or my hair as if he was examining me. He nodded and sipped from his glass. It felt like an eternity that I stood there in front of this commanding man. At last, he spoke again. “Alright, now you know that you can back out. But I am not giving you a safe word or anything like that. If you think anything is going to be too much for you, redress and walk out the door. Otherwise, you have been teasing me too long over the internet. It is time I punish you for all the days you frustrated me.”I gulped. Nervous tension filled my body. I was excited and scared, but intrigued. He grabbed a Victorian style chair and placed it in the center of the room when he realized I was not moving for the door. Then he walked over to me again, and grabbed the back of my neck roughly. The sudden movement through me off balance. He led me that way to the chair, which was only a few feet away, though it felt like more.“Spread your legs to straddle the chair, and lean over the back of it as much as you can,” he barked. I jumped to obey. I realized that the odd position was so I could not easily close my legs. We had talked about that before. I leaned over as much as I could but felt awkward. My breasts were smashed into the velvet back of the chair. I could feel the air hit my already moist cunt. I sighed in anticipation. I heard the tinkling of a belt buckle and knew what came next. There would be no warm up for me. I tensed and waited for the first blow. He took his time about it, and I heard him swallow deeply. Must be the champagne I thought. I heard the swish of the strap, but it did not fall on me. I tensed as if it had though. He laughed menacingly. I heard the swish again then a sharp ‘smack’ as it landed right in the center of my bum.I yelped in surprise, even though I expected it. He let it fall again and again, and soon I was heated. I could feel the juice from my pussy dripping down my inner thigh. I could feel my tender flesh bruising under the strap. He moved to work on my thighs, causing welts to form. I was moaning and rocking on the chair under his unmerciful strap. Abruptly he stopped, and dragged me off the chair onto the floor. He sat on the bed, and told me to stand. I scarcely heard him. He spun me around so that I was facing away from him. Then he pulled me onto his lap, wrapping my legs around him, bending me forward. I could feel the tailored slacks under my heated body. The rough material aroused me further. He pulled hard on my right nipple, eliciting a moan from my lips. He grabbed a handful of my red hair and yanked my neck back. It was then I noticed the mirror. Oh no! He was going to make me watch and see my face. I flushed with shame and squirmed accidentally. “Now you know better than that,” he growled and smacked my ass once. I yelped in response. I felt his fingers pry open my tight anus, exploring the very inner ring. I tried not to squirm but it was nearly impossible. Under his expert touch I felt I might come at any moment, and I did not want to anger him. I saw him smirk when I looked at his image. He withdrew his two fingers and spread my legs a little further. I felt the air caress me, and wondered what I looked like to him spread so. “Aw, look at that. You got your pussy juice all over my suit. I will have to punish it for that,” he sneered. Electric chills filled me. He popped my shaved cunt several times, quickly making me squirm. My face was blotched and red in the mirror. I panted heavily and he started again, making my body quake. I moaned in pleasure and pain as he beat me. He stopped and grabbed the nearby belt, folding it twice in half. He resumed holding me by the hair, and beat my ass and pussy with the folded leather. I was crying now. Lost in the sweet pain and pleasure an orgasm rocked my body. I saw the anger come over him. “Did I tell you to come? Answer me you fucking cunt. Did I tell you to come?”“No Sir,” I cried. “I’m sorry.”“You will be,” he threatened. He shoved me hard onto the floor. “Stand up and put your hands behind your neck,” he said coldly. I scrambled to obey. At least I could not see the mirror anymore. He kicked my legs apart and I stumbled, but quickly regained my posture. He took the belt again in his hands. He snapped it a few times in the air before striking my breast. Fresh tears flowed from my eyes. He smacked each breast in turn, making my whole body shake. He hit each one ten times then smacked my cunt with three full-blown hits. I screamed as each blow fell, feeling his complete control. He tossed the belt to the side and studied me again. I looked down at the floor, seeing my red splotchy body through my wet eyelashes. “On your knees,” he demanded.I fell to the floor, feeling the plush carpet under my heated skin. He unzipped his slacks and pulled his cock from his maroon boxers. It was wide, five inches around. He shoved it into my mouth, making me gag. I slurped at it, tasting his salty sweet precum. He pulled out and pointed to the bed. Not quite understanding I walked toward it. He pushed onto it, face first. “Ass in the air,” he instructed. I complied and felt him slide into my dripping pussy.The need to release had gripped us both. My tight walls clenched his throbbing member, making us both come in a few short strokes. We both relaxed, him still laying over me. Without a word we both moved. “You ok?” he asked. I nodded and picked up my glass again, feeling greatly relieved. “Well, that was a nice start,” I said. He nodded and grinned at me. Yes, I was glad I had taken this chance.

More V

"Take a deep breath V, exhale completely, force all the air out of your lungs, take one more deep deep breath and then let it out slowly."

She takes a cleansing breath, one more and then as she is slowly exhaling, I gently forge ahead with the plug. As the widest part slides past her sphincter, she groans and sucks the rest of the anal plug into her ass til it stops at the barrier that prevents it from being lost totally into her rectum.

Her breathing is coming now in great gulping gasps of air. I pick up the elk flogger and caress her back softly with the straps. She pauses, her breathing frozen while all her senses focus on the leather caressing her back bone. I move the light whip down to dance over her cheeks.

"You need to breath V! Relax, I have all the control-go with it."

Monday, December 16, 2013

In response to your question as to where am I and dss...she has chosen to go in a direction that does not include me. Needless to say I had great hope for us and I am disappointed.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I step back and survey the scene.

"Shall I remove the hood?


"Good. I need to take some pictures. Full facials will do nicely. Good for posting them on the blogsite. I'll need to send a set to your cuckhold husband."

"God nooooo!"

"Leave the hood on then?"

A whisper-"Yes."

I grab my bag. "You know, I deserve better accomodations than this rat hole. We're going to move dss."

I free her legs from the chair. Straps are applied at her ankles then I pause. "Do you need to urinate?"


"You have a choice. Hold it or I'll catheterize you. You should know if you select the catheter, the other end will be taped in your mouth, This is the era of recycling." I chuckle as her shoulders sag. "Ok, hold it."

I tighten the ankle strap tighter, Another strap is applied at her calves and a third at her knees.  I free her hands from the chair and immediately cuff hers hands behind her back. I run a rope from her collar, through the cinch at her knees and pull her head down in a ftrontal hog tie to her knees.

"Don't go anywhere."

I leave, remove a large wheeled suitcase from the car and return to the room and find dss squirming and mewing. Before I can speak she utters a sigh of disgust and remorse as urine puddles around her feet.

Monday, April 09, 2012

dss waits, hot air from the heater under the window blowing into the room. I enter silently and immediately take a step back from the sauna like room. I move forward and survey dss' preparations.

"Room service!"

dss jumps. Self bound securely, the chair jumps as dss hears the sound of my voice. She is bathed in sweat, the sweet smell of her perspiration mingling with pungent smell of her sex emanating from her cunt.

"Please, please," she whispers.

I remain silent.

"Please get this hood off me," she beseeches me to release her.

I crack open a bottle of Evian, place a straw in the bottle, insert it in the slit in the hood and she drinks deeply.

"Warmed up are you? From this point on dss, speak only when told."

I cup her left breast. Fleshy but firm. Despite her age, her breast has the feel and texture of an eighteen year old.

"Fun is" I murmur.

I move to the right breast and cup it. The left is larger but determine both are suitable for binding either with thin leather or heavy elastic bands. I imagine them engorged and turning purple as I torture them.

I drop the right and begin manhandling the left. I cup it and dig all four fingers and my thumb into her yielding flesh like five steel pincers. dss stifles a moan. I work around the circumference of her breast, squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing. The intensity of her moans increase, her legs quivering and her torso moving-attempting to avoid my relentless fingers and the increasing pain.

I drop her left breast and grasp the nipple with my thumb and forefinger. The nipple is hard but slippery with perspiration. I debate using the cloverleaf clamps but dismiss the thought, preferring to feel the pain through my tactile nerve endings. Pinching hard I pull the nipple at a ninety angle from the chest wall. The flesh follows, her udder narrowing and stretching as I pull on the teat. Taunt now she struggles to maintain control. I release some tension, pinch harder and shake her breast vigorously. Her moans reach the pitch of a scream, She shakes in pain.

"Silence! Internalize the pain. Focus dss lest I break out the needles, hairpins or meat skewers." She breathes deeply-long full cleansing breathes.

I cease the shaking and again stretch the breast taunt.

"Good girl dss...are your breasts mine? Do you offer them to me unconditionally?"



Yes, yes B."

"Thank you slut" as I slap her left breast harshly.

A cry escapes from the hood...

"You know dss, submission is not something you can learn. It is about breaking down the walls built up in your lifetime. It is about trust, vulnerability, caring and honesty. It is about knowing who you are, receiving what you want in your soul. You are not weak-quite the opposite-you are strong, strong in yourself. You do not submit out of weakness or desperation but out of strength, love and trust. Submission is about freedom, letting go of yourself and knowing I am there to catch you when you falter. It is why I've chosen you and you me."

"Spread your legs dss! Move the edge of the chair-spread 'em as wide as the ankle cuffs allow. Wider girlfriend."

I move from her reddening breast down to her pubic area.

"The hair dss, the pubic hair has to go! I prefer a clean palette to work with. Think of your self shaved-how would you explain the shorn look to your husband? Would it turn him on-the pre-pubescent look? Some older men love the little girl look especially when their wife gets a little long in the tooth. "
I slide two fingers down to her clitoral hood.

"Christ you are such a slut! You're wetter than a fish under water. How does your cunt juice flow up hill? Your clit is above your twat hole? Amazing little cum slut."

More to follow.

The waiting continued. As part of the preparations I had to turn the room heater on high. As I sat there the cheap noisy heater in front of the window blew hot air on me. At first it was just noisy, but now it was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable. It had to be eighty degrees in here. Under the hood it was much hotter.
The hood retained my heat. I could feel drops of sweat running down the back of my neck and under my eyes. The supple leather was no longer glove soft. The moisture made it irritating. I had to get it off. My panicking only added to my misery. Itches went untouched. I tried getting those spots by rubbing my head against my shoulder. Panic is never a good thing. In all my past experiences the top would tell me to breathe, concentrate on your breathing. And that's what I tried to do. I made big breaths making sure I blew all of my air out of the mouth hole so none of it would escape into the hood.
Self-bondage and being left alone in bondage is always risky. Things can and often do go wrong. I knew I was not in a good spot. I had done this to myself, for someone I have never met in person. I had gone against all the advice I was ever give. How stupid could I have been?
I was covered in sweat. I could feel beads of sweat run down my back and into the crack of my ass. I had made sure I was bathed and smooth before I came. I even cleaned my bowels for him. Now I felt like I was in the middle of a workout. And I am sure I smelled like it too.
The mantra I kept repeating in my head, "you will be alright, you will be alright'. That's when I heard the door open.
"Room service" the male voice said as the door opened. My brain didn't have the time to process if it was really room service or not, because I shouted out, "Please get it off me, Please!!"
"Very nice" was all that was said. I could hear and feel him walking around me as if to check out the situation I had put myself in. Then a straw was placed through the opening in the hood and into my mouth. Sipping the cold-water help put me to ease. He then turned off the heater.
Standing right next to me “I see you are warmed up. Do not talk unless you are spoken to.” The first touch came from his hand cupping and lifting my breast. Picking it up and letting it fall back to my torso. The same was done with my other breast. "Oh these are going to be a lot of fun." The flopping around of my tits continued while I flashed on our conversation about breast play. I recalled telling him how much I liked it and how I responded better to it than I did pussy torment. His part of the conversation was about needles and nails. Our exchanged ended with him asking if I would offer my tits to him for his pleasure. A simple 'yes' was said at the time.
He was no longer cupping my breasts to raise them. His fingers were now doing the work. Pinching my nipples he used that grip to lift and distort the natural shape of my breasts before dropping them again. My breathing rate increased as his hold on my nipples increased. Then holding only one nipple in his fingers he pulled my tit out as far as it would go. A hard slap came down on my vulnerable tit. A cry came from under the hood.
The hand that was holding my nipple now grabbed my pubic hair. He pulled my hips to the edge of the chair, “Spread your legs open”. As his grip loosen on my hair, I felt ashamed how easy it was for him to slip his middle and ring fingers into me. My hips bucked as he passed his thumb over my clit. “Such a whore. I wonder what your husband would think?”
These acts were not about pleasure. They were about power and control. B had stepped away from me. It was then that I heard the drawer slide open and the zipper on my purse open.
Until now we only knew our online personas. This was quickly changing. Comments were made about the family photo that was in my wallet. He read out loud my address. I felt violated by him knowing all these details about me. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Our personal lives where to be off limits.
“Please, I have to go to the bathroom.” I said. “So go” was the reply. This is how the conversation went, until it was made clear I could go or not go, that it was my choice. As he continued to comment on the discoveries he made in my purse, I could no longer hold my pee. I let it go, making a mess on the carpeted floor, my legs, and the chair. “I am thinking the motel is going to be charging your card for that.”
During all of this the racket going from the family in the next room as apparent. While it didn’t occur to me then, I often think about how different things can be going on at the same time. Kids watching Disney in one room and just a few feet away a Sadist sizing up his prey in the next.
The knife blade was right up next to my breast. Then the point of it pressed into my soft flesh. Panic entered my mind again. Permanent marking were not to be on the table. Running the blade down over my stomach I was told to spread my legs again. The point found my clit and I jumped as it was pressed into me. I was warned to be still or suffered the consequences. It continued down my legs until it reached to rope that was securing my legs. With ease both pieces were cut and my ankles were freed.
As soon as that happen he flipped the chair foreword. In a split second I was laying on my stomach with the chair on top of me. The force of the action hurt my shoulders and crushed my breasts. I was stunned with the quickness and power of the movement. Using his body weight on me, he quickly uncuffed and recuffed my hands in front of me. As soon as that was done, the leather cuffs on my ankles were locked together.
“The walls are too thin to play here,” he said as I was stuffed into an oversize suitcase.